Our Founders

Behind the brand

Meet the founders behind the skincare brand who are passionate about creating effective and innovative products that enhance natural beauty and promote healthy skin.

Angelina Thai

Angelina is a family-oriented person who loves spending time with her husband and two children. They share a passion for outdoor activities like playing golf and exploring new travel destinations. Angelina is a social butterfly and enjoys meeting new people from diverse backgrounds.

Angelina's journey into skincare began after experiencing skin problems herself. She tried numerous products, but nothing seemed to work. This led her and her husband to research and learn more about the ingredients used in skincare products. They eventually developed a unique formula that worked wonders for her skin, her children and that's how her skincare company was born.

Angelina's dedication to quality and natural ingredients has earned her company a loyal customer base. She continues to innovate new formulas to cater to her customers' needs. With her passion for skincare and love for her family, Angelina hopes to build a successful business that she is proud of.

George Pham

George is a devoted family man who places great emphasis on the safety and quality of skincare products used by his loved ones. When his wife & his children developed sensitive skin, he and his wife recognized the importance of using natural and safe ingredients in skincare products.

In 2021, George founded his company fuelled by frustration at the lack of passion, transparency, and insight in the beauty industry. He was determined to make a change and create a better world of beauty. With his passion for natural skincare, he and his teams launched over 10 products, all of which are made with natural ingredients and cater to sensitive skin.

George loves travelling and meeting new people. He enjoys exploring new cultures, trying new foods, and learning about new skincare ingredients to improve his formulations further. Through hard work and dedication, George is creating a transparent and ethical brand, driving innovation in the beauty industry, and setting a new standard for natural skincare.

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