Sustainability and
Circular Economy

We’re proud to be an environmentally responsible company

Angelina George is committed to sustaining our Mother Earth and all she provides. According to, over ten million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans annually, contributing to the deaths of over 1 million sea animals each year. That level of pollution is unsustainable and our commitment to saving the environment is just as serious.

Join us on our journey toward a more sustainable future, where every action counts.

We are proud to be part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.

Linear Economy

Throughout most economies, we take materials from the Earth to make products, only to throw those used products away as waste. The product goes in, the waste goes out. nothing comes back. This scenario of commerce is a linear, one way- from nature to waste-process.

Circular Economy

In a circular economy, we prevent waste from being created in the first place by returning products to their source. In a circular economic structure, our creams and products are used and absorbed into the skin; the packaging containers are then returned to us, the manufacturer, to be refilled and reused by the consumer. A circular economy is based on three principles:
- We eliminate waste and pollution
- We circulate products and materials at their highest value, and best condition
- As a result, we regenerate nature, rather than waste it.


Angelina George's products all come in returnable and refillable containers. We encourage our customers to send back their empty product containers to be refilled, then shipped back to them at a reduced cost.

We have and will continue to reduce the amount of packaging we use. Our product leaflets and boxes are entirely made from recycled material.

We are phasing out cellophane wrappers and transitioning entirely away from plastics to recycled and recyclable materials. Even our coffee and water containers are either strictly reusable or recyclable.

At Angelina George, we care about your skin and the world we live in.


We are continuously researching to improve our products for use and to eliminate any environmental footprint. As biochemists, we are constantly developing improvements to our creams and skin products, and we are seeking more eco-friendly means of production, using less water, less electricity, and more efficient lighting.

We all win – we help save the environment, and our customers save money!